Unlocking Simcards for IoT service in Turkey


Hey all, I got a question about simcard activation.

According to the Hologram coverage website, Turkey is supported(with all three carriers). I am using an NB-IoT Shield with hologram developer simcard. My AT+CREG result is 0; 2(Not registered, Searching) and AT+CPSI result is NO SERVICE: Online.

A friend of mine suggested that even though Hologram supports service in Turkey, I need to contact those carriers and unlock/activate my simcard explicitly. What are your suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Note: I am using Botletics SIM7000E shield.


Hello @cagrik,

I believe the issue here isn’t with the carriers, but with the NB-IoT network. Globally the NB roaming scenario isn’t fully standardized yet, so we have very few confirmed NB-IoT networks that we have access to and by the sound of it we don’t have access to the NB-IoT networks in Turkey. Have you tried using the board’s other radio access technologies?

A simple way to quickly debug this would be to insert your Hologram SIM into an unlocked phone as that likely has 2,3,and 4G access.