Are there more Dash firmware examples?

I took a quick look on the Dash website and Github and found not many examples for the MK20DX128VLH5. Where is all your firmware source and your hardware abstraction layer? Is it not ready yet? Does it not have 100% test coverage?

Hey @andrewongd,

Thank you for your question. We have been working on two things simltaneously: some bugfixes/improvements, and a more generalized SDK. The SDK point is important, in that we’re taking our HAL and firmware and refactoring it so that it’s easier for people to fork, build additional modules/functionality, and merge back in.

It look like several of our burn-in tests for the latest bug and feature patches are passing nicely (we’ve been doing a LOT of that the past weeks!), so we’re looking forward to releasing those and moving on to finishing the refactoring and getting those files online soon over the next few days following our new releases.