Battery SOC (State of Charge) and Charge / Discharge Sense + Vin


Hi, Team Konekt,

Do you have / are you planning a way to read information relating to the battery and voltage supplies?

I believe you already have SOC coming, but it would also be useful to have as direct values Vin and Vbatt. I can wire up a resistor divider to sense these, but if callouts are coming, I can plan in that direction.



You may have seen this in another thread, but 2 battery functions are now available:


Be sure to call Dash.begin() in your setup() function first.


Thanks, Erik. Those functions are as simple as they are welcome!


Working perfectly. Oh what a lovely day!


Is there a way to measure/sense the USB 5V in other than using an external voltage divider on an analog pin?



Unfortunately we don’t have any monitoring of the USB 5V.


Thanks ! Would be useful. Maybe something to consider for the future.