Cannot send messages when waiting for receiving messages ?


Is it a limitation of the protocol or python library used ?
Cannot send and receive messages at the same times ?
Also ,messages sent from the cloud are not guaranteed to be delivered .There is no ACK.
So ,if at the time of sending a message from the WEB console ,the modem is not in receive mode ,the message will be lost.

Please confirm.

Thank you


Yes, at the moment, if a message isn’t delivered the first time then the response “Socket Timeout” will be stored as a message in the logs and the message will not be retried. We have some items on our roadmap right now to build in some automatic retrying of cloud messages which will address this issue.

For sending and receiving at the same time, our current SDK architecture isn’t robust enough to handle that easily, but we are going to be restructuring some things over the next few weeks that should make this all much smoother.

In the meantime I can suggest some workarounds. Can you say how you’re using the SDK? Are you using the CLI commands like hologram modem connect or are you coding directly in python?


Thank you for your reply.
I am wrapping the cli commands in javascript so I can call them with other nodejs packages.
If you have some documentation about the protocol so I can send/receive messages directly from nodejs ,happy to give it a try.

Currently ,I have working in nodejs :
webcam screenshot–>base64 image–>send to cloud using CLI commands wrapped in JS -->S3 route to store the screenshot.