Connecting pi node red with internet hosted node red


I am a fair novice just to be clear but have spent a ton of time trying to learn. I want to deploy a pi in the field to monitor some equipment which has no wifi. I thought the nova could solve my problems. Yet I find myself stuck and can’t find the answer online easily. I have a FRED node red instance running online to host all the functions. I just need my pi to send info from its sensors to the online instance via the FRED communication node which just needs standard internet.

I have setup my pi and can communicate with my nova to the dashboard through the terminal. I can also establish a PPP link from the terminal. I can’t seem to get the internet up or the sensor data to transfer. These all work great if I turn on the wifi here at my house but again that defeats the purpose.

thanks in advance for any help.


Hey Robert,

Using the command sudo hologram network connect should route all internet traffic from your Pi through the Nova. I am not sure how the FRED communication node routes information, but if that doesn’t work that and your routing table would be the first place I’d look into.


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