Dash EAGLE Component

Hey everybody!

I made a part file for the Dash in EAGLE. It’s a super simple file, but I’ve gotten plenty of use out of it. Just add the library below and you can place the Dash in your schematic and rock and roll from there!

I welcome any feedback you might have!


Whoa, that’s great, @kevin! Thank you for sharing. What are you building these days?

Thanks Chris! I’ve got a few side projects I’m working on (the usual fun stuff: asset tracking and environmental sensing), but I use the Dash mostly for my day-job. My buddy @Tyler_C and I started a prototyping business for IoT related projects.

How about yourself?

I’ve been building a custom breakout for adding cell connectivity to the new Pocketbeagle board: Beaglephone Pocket | Hackaday.io

Just watched your video: been there man! The project looks awesome though, I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses!

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