Dash goes dark after upload of sketch


I am uploading the basic sketch from konekt.io/start. I press the button and upload the sketch. The IDE says ‘Update Complete’, The flashing button on the dash stops and nothing else seems to happen after that. Even when I remove the usb and plug it back in, it does nothing (no led’s flash, no messages in data logs).


It’s normal for the programming LED to go out after programming is complete. There is a Dash function to turn it on / make it blink, etc.

On a Mac (not sure about PC…), the USB Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE needs to be closed and then re-opened to recognized the newly-booted Dash sketch.


Yep, that is correct on Windows as well. The Arduino serial monitor usually loses the connection whenever the Dash is programmed or if it is unplugged/replugged.


Ok, it is working. It just took a good 9+ minutes for data to show up in ‘data logs’, so I was convinced it was doing nothing.

Thank you both.