Dash is not enumerated when connected via USB on Linux (IOError: open failed)


Hey all,

I’m asking a question here and answering to help others experiencing the same issue.

I’m running Ubuntu Linux and attempting to reprogram either a Dash or Dash Pro from the Arduino IDE:

$ cat /etc/issue
Ubuntu 15.04
  1. I have the board files for the Dash and Dash Pro installed in the Arduino IDE and I’m running Arduino IDE 1.6.5 or later
  2. I also have already granted the necessary permissions to my user account for accessing USB devices, and logged out and back in
  3. I have already installed the libudev, cython, python, hidapi and other dependencies according to the Arduino IDE Integration installation instructions
  4. I have already pressed the Program button on the Dash or Dash Pro, and have confirmed the “heartbeat” blinking pattern (two short blinks on, long off) that indicates the Dash or Dash Pro is in bootloader mode

The problem: When I attempt to Upload a new program via the Arduino IDE, I get the following error at the bottom of the IDE:

  File "hid.pyx", line 62, in hid.device.open (hid.c:1418)
IOError: open failed

I did some investigation by opening Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and, first, running the lsusb command. Sure enough, the device isn’t listed (that is, I see no difference in the output of lsusb whether the Dash or Dash Pro is connected versus disconnected to the USB port).

I also ran dmesg to see if there were any USB driver errors. That’s when, to my horror, I saw this:

[ 1341.772925] usb 1-1.2: device descriptor read/64, error -32
[ 1342.429227] usb 1-1.2: new full-speed USB device number 15 using ehci-pci
[ 1342.837450] usb 1-1.2: device not accepting address 15, error -32
[ 1342.837758] usb 1-1-port2: unable to enumerate USB device

Am I crazy? What in the world could be wrong with my poor Dash and Dash Pro? :cry:


Why, hello, @KonektPat! Thanks for using the Konekt Support Community.

I do not mean to make you feel embarrassed, but here’s the most-likely cause of the error you’re experiencing: INSUFFICIENT POWER

Please make sure you’re using one of the following methods to power the Dash or Dash Pro:

  1. Computer’s USB power: always use a two-plug (Y-cable) USB cable when attempting to power the Dash or Dash Pro, and ensure that the power source can supply enough current at 5 volts DC
  2. Battery power: a battery within the requirements of the Dash or Dash Pro will be able to supply the unit with the required current to fully power up
  3. Pin-provided power: consult the manual for more information

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that your jumper settings correctly correspond to the mode that you have chosen. Do not simply switch between power modes without changing the jumpers, and do not change the jumpers if you don’t know what you’re doing! Please consult the Konekt Dash and Konekt Dash Pro Operator’s Manual for more information.


Hi @KonektPat! Great to see you on here.
I just wanted to chime in and mention that if you don’t have a USB Y-cable, you can use a powered USB hub.
Also, some computers are perfectly fine powering the dash with USB power alone. There’s just a lot of variation in the amount of current that different manufacturers provide to their ports. My ASUS laptop is able to power a Dash with no trouble at all.