DashPro for wireless


I’m starting to love this project and devices :slight_smile:
But I’ve got one question.
My goal is to use DASH PRO to send, by sms, data from my sensor network (WPAN), using DASH PRO like a gateway.
So I’m looking for a shield for DASH PRO that can be programmable to use wireless protocol (802.15.4)
(like wifi-shield for arduino)
How can I start?
Do you have some hint for me.


Gabriele Carboni


Hello Gabriele,
I am beginning to develop using a Dash Pro. Would you mind telling me what OS you are using? Also wi-fi…have you seen ESP-12 ?


Pat Jackson


Do you mean the OS that I use for developing?
I’m not start yet to write but I’m sure I’ll use Linux!!

For wifi…what about this?

If I buy a DASH PRO and a ESP-12, how can I program?
I’ve experience only with Arduino but I still don’t have a clear idea about “how to write code”?

Is there a documentation/manual for developers?
I only see the API doc (very good).

thank you



Try this for esp information… http://esp8266.com . There is a release for ArduinoIDE.


Hey @gcarboni1,

We don’t currently offer a shield to do this for you, but we do have an XBee-footprint shield in the works that could be used as a part of such a solution.

Shoot us an e-mail over at support@konekt.io and we’ll make sure we get you early access to that shield and accompanying example materials.

Pat W


Hello Gabriele,

We are offering up the Shield-Shield, which connects the Dash / Dash Pro to any Arduino shield you would like. You would install both a Dash and a board that supports 802.15.4. Viola.


Additionally, since the Dash is a development board, you can place it on a breadboard and connect to any other device via UART / SPI / I2C / CAN, so if you find a board you like that doesn’t have an Arduino footprint, you can still make connections.

If you do want a shield-shield, you can pre-order from our store: https://dashboard.konekt.io/store/