Dashupdater.exe error


I receive this error when I try to upload any sketch to Dash.

java.io.IOException: Cannot run program “C:\Users\pons\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\konekt\tools\dashupdater\0.7.3/bin/dashupdater.exe”: CreateProcess error=216, La versione di %1 è incompatibile con la versione di Windows in esecuzione. Verificare le informazioni di sistema e contattare il distributore del software

I’m using Windows 10, on a PC with a 32 bit processor.
Maybe your dashupdater is for 64 bit?
Is there a solution?



We have a 32bit version of updater v0.7.2 here: http://downloads.hologram.io/dash/updater/dashupdater-0.7.2-i686-mingw32-32bit.zip

We don’t usually build a 32bit version so that one is slightly out of date, but we’ll try to get 0.7.3 built soon and posted here. This one should work fine for you though. You can copy it over the path in that error message.

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It seems to work. Thank you