Error Sending Message on NOVA from Raspbian Terminal


sudo hologram send “message”

ERROR: Existing PPP session(s) are established by pid(s) 803. Please close/kill these processes first

Also, service is very spotty in Daytona Beach, FL. Getting a good connection is difficult.

Hologram Nova, big antenna
Raspberry Pi Zero W
Raspbian OS
IoT Starter Kit

I am new to this.


I am new as well but got it working after 2 issues.
Do you see anything in the /var/log/messages when u run the send command which could help identifying your problem ?
My sim card was not well inserted initially and got an error message.


Ok, I did not know about the logs, will check, Thanks!!


You attempted to connect earlier, and that process is still running, so you can’t start a new one. The quickest way to solve that is to reboot. The more involved way is to use ps to find the thread and then kill it.


“The quickest way to solve that is to reboot”

What about ? sudo hologram modem disconnect