Low level API overhead and security


I am doing some research to see if the Konekt API will work for my application and I have a few questions.

When will the Basic Binary protocol be available?

Is there any additional data overhead beyond the data packet?

Can the TCP/IP connection be SSL/TLS secured?

How do I send data to a device?


@KonektPat can provide more details, but for now:

  1. I think we’ll have that ready in a month or two
  2. There is overhead from the TCP/IP packet headers. We’re considering a UDP protocol to reduce this but we don’t have much of a timeline for that right now.
  3. I think that should be possible
  4. We’re currently beta testing a super cool service that will allow you open up authenticated tunnels directly to your device. Pat can provide more info on this.


Thank you for the info. I look forward to hearing from @KonektPat.