Need guidance modifying library to use SerialSystem


I’d like to try the passthrough feature with the SerialGSM library. The SerialGSM library uses SoftwareSerial. Using the passthrough feature requires the use of SerialSystem. The modifications required to the SerialGSM library are probably trivial for an Arduino/C++ library developer but not for me.

Here’s my issue. There are only two files, SerialGSM.h and SerialGSM.cpp. In SerialGSM.h I removed the include for SoftwareSerial, but I haven’t got a clue what I should replace it with for SerialSystem. The class definition looks like:

class SerialGSM : public SoftwareSerial {
  SerialGSM(int rxpin,int txpin);
  void FwdSMS2Serial();
  void SendSMS();
  void SendSMS(char * cellnumber,char * outmsg);
  void DeleteAllSMS();
  void Reset();
  void answer();
  void hungup();
  void dial(char * pnumber);
  void EndSMS();
  void StartSMS();
  int ReadLine();
  int ReceiveSMS();
  void Verbose(boolean var1);
  boolean Verbose();
  void Sender(char * var1);
  char * Sender();
  void Rcpt(char * var1);
  char * Rcpt();
  void Message(char * var1);
  char * Message();
  void Boot();

  boolean verbose;
  char sendernumber[PHONESIZE + 1];
  char rcpt[PHONESIZE + 1];
  char outmessage[160];
  char inmessage[160];
  unsigned long lastrec;

I’m guessing lines 1 and 3 need to be changed but I haven’t got a clue. Any suggestions?


Well, I just changed all instances of this->println to SystemSerial.println, etc. Not sure this was the most elegant way, but at least I have a library that I can use.

If anyone else is interested, I put the library here on GitHub. It’s my first public library so don’t complain too loudly.