Network Selection

I have 6 Cradlepoint IBR-200-VZW devices deployed for ATM machines. While the devices are primarily made for Verizon, these all seem to be connecting to LTE Band 4. Hence, they are connecting to AT&T or T-Mobile.

Seems like this router would do best on the Verizon Band 13. Is there a way to steer the SIM to a specific network?

You will have to configure on the device (I don’t think there is a way to restrict carriers say on the dashboard). Best to look through the manual for that specific device to see if there is some configuration you can set. For example the U-Blox modems allow you configure a specific LTE band mask.

On the other hand, if it works why change anything? Is it not better that it will connect to T-Mobile / Verizon / AT&T or whatever it decides is best? Unless you are seeing some other issues like lack of data communication even though you are registered.

When I first started this test, they would connect right to Verizon, nowI can’t them to connect to Verizon for the life of me. I’m thinking Hologram dropped support for VZ or they are steering the traffic away from Verizon.

Thanks @NEATM . Can you provide your specific SIM # to our success team to evaluate? .

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