New Dash = No Battery Jumper?

I am excited to see the new offerings in the Hologram store, including the new Dash. Noticed from the pictures that there doesn’t seem to be a battery jumper any more. Since I lost mine, I am hoping this nuisance will be absent from the new board.


Yep, we are finally saying good riddance to the battery jumper in the next version. Lots of other cool changes coming too. We’ll be posting more detailing information as we get a little closer to the release.

Sweet. Count me in.

Hi, what kind of batteries can be used with the Dash 1.2?, I am trying the example sketch that sends messages every 30 min (hologram_dash_cloud) with a Lipo 3.7V 1000mAh battery, the LED flashes normally, but no messages arrive to the dasboard, but with usb connected works well, what could be the problem?

We usually recommend at 2000mAh but it should still work, just may not last that long. Do you know the charge level of the battery?