Onboarding Kit Example Problem

I’m trying to help my son get example #4 in the Onboarding Kit to work properly. We initially were able to send and receive messages to the Dash from his iphone but now only receive messages from the dash. Followed instructions to the ‘T’ and the only thing different was we moved the dash from one room to another. Email notification works fine as well as well as the dashboard. We didn’t change any settings in his iphone.

My suggestion would be to have a look at the Hologram Hashboard. That will show if SMS messages are being sent to the iPhone from the Dash. Anytime the Dash sends out something, it goes through the Dashboard. While you’re there, you can also test sending SMS messages to the dash directly from the dashboard. You can even send SMS messages to your dash this way without having purchased a phone number.

My second suggestion would be to try moving the dash to a place near a window or a higher room if possible. I have found that the dash is actually better at sending messages when the reception becomes weak than it is at receiving them.

Best of luck!

Great, thanks Michael. We’ll give it a try.

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