Pycom GPy Cat-M1 Stopped Attaching

I’m using a Pycom GPy in Cat-M1 mode with a simple MicroPython script just to get familiar with it. Back in September (two months ago) I was successful in getting the GPy attached to Verizon, and connected to the internet, and was able to pull time from an NTP time server. I could see my GPy in my Hologram dashboard, and it was active, connected, and I could see the small data usage for the NTP exchange. Life was good.

Then I got busy at work, and my GPy project got put on the back burner until this week when I fired it up again. Same hardware, same software, same MicroPython script, same Hologram SIM, same location in my office, but now when it gets to the “Attach” step, it won’t attach to the network… no matter how long I leave it there. Obviously something has changed, but not on my end! All I did was power it down back in September, and powered it up again two months later, and now it won’t attach.

BTW, I was originally using GPy firmware from the 1.18 version, but after experiencing this attachment issue, I upgraded to the latest 1.20 version that is out there to see if that would help (no change). I also have the latest Sequans version (41065) which hasn’t changed.

Anyone have any thoughts as to why the GPy won’t attach now?

Thanks in advance…

Problem resolved… after submitting the above post, I stumbled upon two great articles on the Hologram support website that helped me troubleshoot the problem. Just thought I’d pass them along to anyone else that might encounter the same issues I did. My problem turned out to be that I needed to clear the Forbidden Public Land Mobile Networks (FPLMN) file. Not sure how that got corrupted, but clearing it definitely got me back on line.

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