Sending Messages to Nova


I have a raspberry pi on a oil compressor, monitoring and sending status updates every hour using the Hologram Nova to the Dashboard.

In order to save on data, as well as the service is not great, the pi connects to the network before the upload and disconnects after the upload (there are some safety nets if the network fails). Right now, we have a issue that we are unsure of why, and we are unable to get someone on site to look at it.

Is there a way to send a message from the dashboard to the nova that can possibly remotely turn on the modem, so I can use SpaceBridge, or remotely reboot the pi?



You can try sending an SMS from our dashboard to the device. So long as it has power and signal the tower should notify the device that it has a message waiting for it. I can’t say that it will kick start whatever is happening with your device into sending messages again but you may be able to check if it was received which would tell you that the device is on and has signal.


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