Shipping way expensive for second SIM

I have one developer SIM so far, so I wanted to order the second one. (I am in the United Kingdom.)

SIM price is really great - only 5 USD. Woot!

Then comes the shipping… calculating… 31 USD !!! WTH?

So I would have to pay 5 USD + 31 USD for my second SIM. (I realize if I bought 10 it wouldn’t be so bad, but I don’t want 10 yet.)

Can you offer other shipping options? I have shopped from the USA on eBay, and shipping costs have never been so high.

I have read that you complain SIMs getting lost with USPS. I buy a lot of things on eBay from China, some from USA, lot from Europe, but lost packages are very rare, I would say 1%.

Even to cover 10% loss rate (for single SIMs) would be only 50 cents USD extra. And you could just add it to the S&H costs and hide it. And everyone would be happy. Maybe you could mandate DHL for larger amount of SIMs, but still ship out a few pieces with a cheaper option.

Remember, Today, I might be just an amateur developer, but after playing around with a few SIMs, I could be the advertiser for your service with my positive experiences, or even building it into commercial offerings!

But at the moment I am cut off at 1 SIM.

Note: I tried to find postage rates from the USA to UK, but no luck so far.
Interestingly, I have checked the other direction: Royal Mail UK to USA is priced at 9.60 GBP (13 USD) with signed+tracked option and also insurance up to 50 GBP (69 USD).

Is the shipping situation from the USA to UK so bad that it must cost 31 USD?

And don’t forget, shipping costs form the basis of customs, so 5+31 USD = 36 USD goes over the customs limit, which means extra costs handling customs (8 GBP = 11 USD fee) plus the customs itself.

So the 36 USD becomes actually 47 USD, for a single SIM.

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