SIM comparability with GPS306A

I am trying to connect my fleet of vehicles to a gps tracker. I have tested a hologram SIM in two different GPS306A devices. The device says it has connected to the GSM network but does not respond to any SMS commands, both though the cloud messaging system and by texting the phone number I purchased for the SIM.

The device only responds to specific strings, so I am wondering if there is any format changes to the text message when seeing it through the hologram service.

Any help would be appreciated as I love the hologram service and want to use it for this task!

Update: GPS device responds fine with other SIMs but not hologram SIMs. However, I did receive one SMS response from the device while on the hologram network. It also will randomly charge me for SMS messages that I never receive…

Does anyone have any insight into this?

Hi - Can you email the SIM number to for us to take a further look into the SMS responses? No special string formats are required apart from what might be specified for the device so will have to trace through to check. Also, what destination phone number were the SMS messages that got charged but did not get delivered? Can have accounts team investigate and update balance with credit.

Just sent the email. Thanks for the quick response, Ryan.

Hi Max - What I’d like to try is setting up an SMS forward through our cloud for your destination number to see if that resolves the issue. Here are the steps below

  1. Register our Hologram Cloud internal SMS phone number (+447937405250) as the recipient of the SMS instead of the current destination number
  2. From the Hologram Dashboard, click ‘Routes’ on the side nav
  3. Add a new SMS Route
  4. Enter _SMS_DO_ as the topic (This will capture all device originated SMS from your device with our SIM)
  5. Enter the original destination phone number with country code as recipient phone
  6. Send an SMS command to your device from our dashboard that should trigger an SMS from the device
  7. SMS response should appear in your device data log on the dashboard and forward to the mobile phone # from step 5


Unfortunately that did not seem to work either. It seems the device received and responded to the SMS (as I was charged again for the outgoing SMS), however my personal phone and the activity dashboard did not receive the data.