SIM deployed to DRC - No Connectivity

We are operating using a Blox U260 (Particle Electron 2G) for all GSM communications and a hologram SIM, with all code running on our own Atmega. Everything was working when we configured it in the US, we have shipped it to Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, and have no connectivity. Both are in the same region for Hologram’s SIM. Are there any location based or carrier based changes we have have to make to achieve connectivity?

Wish I had a solution, but similar problem here. Setup and tested a device in the United States, then was planning on doing some further work while on a business trip in Guinea. Does not seem to have any connectivity (signal strength always reports 99). Should be in Zone 1 coverage according to:

If there is some magic incantation required to get connectivity, would be great to hear about it. I’m on a Dash (u201).

Do you both have the global unit? There are different signals for regions?

I’m on a Global Dash (i.e. the Sara U201-based board).

Just to follow up on this, the same Dash with same SIM worked in Europe on the way home and is now working in North America as well. Suspect there is an issue with registering/roaming/etc. on (at least) some central African country network(s).

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