Stopping all data usage on a Dash then enable again


Is or will there be a function in firmware that allows all data usage to be turned off and then just listen for an SMS message?

On getting a message be able to establish a data connection again.
Similar to python pon and poff.


Not sure if I’m understanding in what context you would need this feature in the system firmware. In your own sketch you could set a global boolean to stop sending data then have a function which changes that global through SMS or even OTA.



Currently, with a linux SOC board and USB modem I can stop PPP which certainly stops any data usage and also stops Keep Alive pings.
At this point, Keep Alive pings are where my devices use the most data.

I only need to send data once a day. But, if I need to connect again… off schedule… I can send an SMS to notify my device to reestablish PPP etc…

So, I am curious to know if Dash firmware allows control of the cloud connection and stopping of Keep Alive pings.



With our current Dash firmware 0.9.4 you do not require Keep Alive pings.


I understand that the user’s sketch does not need to send the Keep Alive pings…but doesn’t your system firmware have to send pings periodically to stay connected to the cellular network.


We don’t send any keepalive pings in the system firmware either. If we detect the cellular connection has dropped then we reestablish automatically and that process happens all at layer 1 for which there is no billing.