Testing Konekt SIM on unlocked iPhone


I tried to test my known-good Konekt SIM on an unlocked iPhone 5 (iOS 9.2.1), per the Konekt note* I can get the phone to register on either T-Mobile or AT&T (via Settings > Carrier). Both will show a 3G connection, cellular data is ON, data Roaming is ON. I’ve entered the following APN: “apn.konekt.io”. Despite showing “AT&T 3G” or “T-Mobile 3G” with sufficient signal strength, I can’t get any web pages to load – the error is “Could not activate cellular data network.” Same message after complete reset of the phone (data, settings, the whole shebang). The phone works fine with other non-AT&T SIM’s, and on Wi-Fi, so I thought I’d throw the question out here to see if anything is up on the Konekt side that would prevent data from loading via the iPhone. Thanks!



Sounds like you’re doing everything right. That should work. Can you send us the SIM number you’re using to support@konekt.io so we can double check that there aren’t any issues on our side?