Upgrade sara-u260 firmware on hologram dash

Hello, I’m getting some inconsistency on some http requests using two of my hologram dash boards. After a lot of digging I think I found the culprit, it was the UBLOX SARA-U260 firmware version.

One of the boards has an Ublox SARA-U260-00S at firmware 23.20, and I’d like to upgrade it to firmware 23.40, the same found on the other board that has an Ublox SARA-U260-03S.

This update is supported as seen here: https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/LISA-U2xx-03S-SARA-U2xx-03S-IP_IN_(UBX-15020745).pdf but i can’t seem to find the required firmware files to upgrade. Nor how to upgrade the GSM module firmware through Hologram Dash.