"Usage This Billing Period" update period

Regarding /frontend/?#/app/device/###

Cellular Links:
              ID: nnnn
              SIM: ...SIM.IDENTIFIER.......
              Usage This Billing Period: 234803 bytes
              Expires: 2015-07-06 UTC
              State: LIVE
              Overage Limit (bytes): Unlimited

What is the update period for the usage value? Is there another way to find this value that updates more quickly?

Where is this value metered? Are any traffic types or destinations excluded from growing this number (DNS, ICMP, etc.)?

What is the estimated schedule for the implementation of the features “Coming Soon” at the bottom of the page?

Thank you.

At the moment, that number is updated every 15 minutes, but we’re working with carriers to try to get it more often. (That may not happen for a few months)

As far as I know, it includes all bytes transferred and nothing should be excluded.

We’re hoping to get some cool graphs up there in the next few weeks.

BTW, you can get some more detailed usage stats via our API. This endpoint is still undergoing some development and so might change, but requesting https://dashboard.konekt.io/api/1/usage will show each individual session for your account.
You can do some filtering on that with some parameters in the URL.
For example to filter on link ID #2: usage?linkids[]=2
To aggregate results monthly: usage?aggregate=month
daily: usage?aggregate=day
hourly: usage?aggregate=hour
specific billing period: usage?aggregate=billing