Use of specific provider's SIM Card


I would like to know if there is a documentation or tutorial somewhere on how to use a SIM card othar than the Hologram SIM card (e.g Vodafone SIM Card).
Specifically, what kind of configuration is required? Does that change anything at the python SDK side meaning, do i need different libraries etc.

Thank you in advance.


Hello Dimitris,

While the Nova can support 3rd Party SIMs we highly recommend using ours as it will give you the most streamlined experience and guarantee full compatibility with our Python SDK.

Nevertheless, if you still prefer to use your own SIM all you would need to do is modify the APN settings, to those of your SIM provider, on this chat script.

Please note that we only guarantee full SDK compatibility with our SIM and that using the Nova with a different SIM is possible and we have seen it done before, but is also unsupported.

Thank you Maiky!
I think I am gonna stick with your global sim.

Sure thing Dimitris!

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