Wordlwide Shipping (USPS instead of DHL)?

I’m looking to order a few SIMs, more than the single allowed for developer accounts. So when I attempt to order a developer sim, I can pick USPS at $10. However, when I attempt to order 4 SIM’s, the USPS option disappears, and the only option remaining is DHL at $31.61. I am not in any rush, and really do not like using DHL, as there’s almost always extra “administrative charges” of approx $15 when it gets into the depot here, making them an incredibly expensive option.
Is there any chance we could be allowed pick USPS for international shipping (to Europe)?

Hi Dave,

We removed that option after far too many SIMs were lost in transit, so we stopped offering USPS for non developer SIMs. We have considered doing a slower “once in a while” shipment that would be done on a much less frequent basis and would have lower costs/tracking options. Would this be of interest to you?

Hi Chris,
Yes, I’d certainly be interested in a less frequent option. I’m not in any rush, just investigating the option of a half a dozen sims for maker group here in Ireland to play with.
Thanks for the response,

Hi Dave,

I have the same experience as you had with the shipment costs.
Since Hologram did not specify the shipment cost on the Pro Forma Invoice, DHL added € 87,91 as shipment cost for customs. So I paid an extra 21% VAT (€ 31) and also the € 15 handling costs.

Today I received a shipment (not Hologram) handled by PostNL, they charge € 13 handling costs.
For me the best option would be a distributor in the EU


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