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Hardware (and firmware)

Hardware is a key piece of the Hologram solution; not just the devices we manufacture and sell but interfacing to a range of 3rd party hardware that exists in the electronics ecosystem. Understanding how to go from low level electron pushing to sending packets to the internet is a long journey and this category is meant to make that easier.

General Projects and Community

Sometimes our community members have questions outside of cellular connectivity. Or they wonder about the best way to do something other than interface with Hologram products (hardware, connectivity, software services). Ask those questions here!


The Connectivity category relates to getting devices hooked to the cellular network. This could include troubleshooting about SIM cards, understanding cellular pathways or in general utilizing Hologram's "Software defined cellular network" stack.

Software Tools

The Software Tools category relates to the data once it has already passed through Hologram's connectivity platform. We are able to process the data, display it to you or pass it out to 3rd party platforms.