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I am new to the community, hoping to learn from the experts here and solve my problem.

I got a Hologram SIM card, tested it in Taiwan, and it works. I can see from my dash board that the device status changed from “live” to “connected” and see the data usage increasing. I bring the device with the same sim card to Japan but it can’t connect. I check the carriers in the area are DOCOMO and Softbank which are listed in Holograms documentation. It seems they have LTE in the area as well. Not sure why the connection is not there. Anything else I can check? Thanks a lot.

What modem are you using?

The module is EC25 E LTE module.

It looks like the EC25 J is module is best for use in Japan per

but per It looks like those carriers use band 1, 3, 8, and band 28 and the EC25 E supports 1, 3, 8 so it should work although I dont understand the details (I’m guessing there must be a reason they have so many variants).

If you have access to run AT commands run the following: Network Registration Denied - +CREG: 0,3 and see what the results of the commands are.

Thank you! I will try whatever I can and give an update on this issue.

As a point of reference, we have a Nova R410 modem with a Hologram sim working successfully in Japan (Northern Hokkaido). I wasn’t able to find what band it was using in the logs though. It was, however, on the Softbank network for connectivity.

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