Is it possible to include '\n' in SMS-ovef-IP using the Embedded API?

Hi @jwallis - thanks for your feedback on SMS-over-IP and recommendation to
another developer about it.
Our engineering team identified an issue where SMS-over-IP was used to generate high volumes of SMS spam and disrupted service for other customers. Due to this, we have ended support for onboarding new customers to this feature while continuing support for existing customers at this time. I’ll notify our documentation team to clarify that on the reference page, thanks for bringing that to our attention.

Ok thank you Ryan.

Hi Ryan, hopefully last question on this: I have a Maker account right now. I am sending out beta devices this week to a couple people. If I have success and need to convert to a Professional account, will I still be able to use SMS-over-IP, or will the converted account be considered a “new customer?” I am a developer and figure it would simply depend on how the code was written.

It would be the same account for you. It’s just a flag on the existing account.

By the way, this thread has gotten fairly off topic so I’m going to close it, but feel free to open a new one with other questions or reach out to

Oh and one other note: if you make a new organization, it may not work, but we can probably still grandfather you in if you reach out to us.

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