LTE-M/NB-IoT Canada and Hologram

I am trying to sort out how best to connect a project (Arduino Based) to the cell network. I have my eye on the new Botletics Sim7000A shield, which looks perfect, with the exception that I’m not sure if there’s actually any support for Canada yet.

I am trying to setup a MQTT client to push data from a remote solar and weather station installation. Since Rogers Wireless is listed as the only Canadian cellular operator in my region (British Columbia) that Hologram has ties with, I checked and their is general coverage where the installation is.

I am torn - It seems like there is only GPRS/3G coverage available for older Simcomm modules (or the international versions), but those networks are to be disabled and decommissioned by Rogers in just over a year. I would rather develop and install a system that will work for 5+ years, not just a year.

Has anyone got suggestions or info that is helpful for my region? Or am I going to be forced to just wait until the archaic canadian telcos get their butts in order?

Hey @Xplode,

This is a bit of a tough one given that LTE-M/NB-IoT is still relatively new and we haven’t heard much from Rogers’ plans to deploy those new technologies. Having said that, there is a lot happening in the global Cat-M/NB-IoT sphere which should give us more insight into how everything will shake out in a few months time.


Thanks for the reply Maiky.

It does seem that I’m stuck in a bit of a bad few months for development timing. Bell Canada has apparently launched their LTE-M network already, but I’m not sure what usable coverage is like yet. Any chance Hologram is looking to work out a relationship with them?

I suppose I could pick up one of the old simcomm units for 3G and do my development on that, then just adjust the AT commands to work with the new modem. Sure stinks to have to go that route tho.

Hey Xplode,

We are constantly looking for new carriers to work with, but I haven’t heard anything about Bell Canada. I’ll make sure to bring that up with our product team.

For the time being I’d say tried and tested networks are your best bet in Canada. Hopefully this will change soon though.


I’ve requested sign up for the Roger’s trial.


@redacted that’s great. Let us know how it goes!

Bell was the first to Launch Cat-M1 a few months ago (LTE bands 4, 5, 17):

Rogers launched a month ago (not sure which bands):

TELUS launched a few weeks ago (LTE Bands 2, 4, 12): www.telus .com/en/on/business/internet-of-things/low-power-wide-area

I’m fairly certain that there’s no real plans for NB in the next 6-12 months for Canadian carriers. They are notoriously cheap and have no financial incentive to do a massive infrastructure upgrade of narrowband equipment.

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Thanks for the post @bengizmo! Super helpful.

So I purchased a Hologram nova LTE-M/NB-Iot, will this not work with Rodgers in Canada? Should I exchange it for the 3G version?

Is there any update for the Hologram and Canadian carrier support?

Hey @MKV,

We still don’t have any updates on Cat-M1/NB-IoT in Canada. Roaming arrangements are still being worked out so we expect an update in early 2019.

@Gerhard_Jr, since we don’t have confirmed access to Cat-M1/NB-IoT in Canada your best bet would be to use the 3G version.


Thank you for clarification. How should I track the progress of the roaming arrangements?

Sure thing @Gerhard_Jr.

The best way to keep up with Hologram would be on our website, which is where we make all our announcements.

However, this would also be something that we post on our social media: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

I will also do be posting on the forum to make sure all these threads are tied up.


the following link shows that Cat M1 is provided by Bell and Telus and in production, Rogers is catching up in regards to Cat M1 it seems

as per recent announcement from Telus,they have now officially released Cat M1 band geared for IoT devices. Hopefully this means Holograms partnership in Canada will also cover LTE Cat M1 via Telus and Bell

Is Telus listed as a hologram partner? I thought it was only Rogers listed for Canada.

I don’t see Telus listed as a partner, which is too bad, as they have the Cat M1 network IoT network in operation officially since Oct and in beta for about a year.

Rogers is behind, and supposed to be releasing something for the IoT space before years end. Its Dec 18th today, so they better hurry up!!

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