Move SIM to new device?


I want to use my SIM in a different device (Feather FONA) from the one it was activated on. Should this work, or does it require changes on the Hologram server side?


I’ve moved SIM’s around on various devices, including iPhones, with no problems. I believe the Hologram activation is fortunately only SIM-specific, and not device-specific.


Hmmm…I’ve got it working on a Fona808, but when I move it to a FeatherFONA (800) it no longer get a cell connection.

All other commands seem to work fine, but AT+CIICR fails every time.


Interesting. There might be an issue with FONA or the library/code. As this post also mentioned. SIM808 (FONA), good signal but no IP (ERROR: Timeout when calling AT+CIFSR)

It is highly unlikely it would be a SIM/network issue if it works in one device and not another.


That other thread is me also. Slightly different problem. I can get things working well enough in the SIM808 this morning, but when I move the SIM to the 800 it fails.

I may just give up and order another SIM.


More info…the Hologram SIM never registers with the carrier in the 800 device:

+CREG: 1,0

Even if I issue an AT+CREG=1 command.

In the SIM808 it registers within a few seconds. This leads me to believe that there is something on the carrier side that is device-specific. With a Ting SIM I needed to contact them to move their SIM from one device to another. I was hoping that wouldn’t be necessary with Hologram.


Hi Daniel - Our Hologram SIMs by default do not lock to any specific IMEI as @MichaelM mentioned.
A few things:

  1. What list of operators is returned in the 800? AT+COPS=?
  2. Can you provide our SIM # to ? Would like to take a further look from the network side

+COPS: (2,"T-Mobile USA","TMO","310260"),,(0-4),(0-2)

I’ll send the SIM # via email.

Thanks for your help.


Nevermind, guys - I think the device is defective. I tried it with a Ting SIM and it reports itself as a 800L instead of an 800H, and can’t read the CCID at all.