Saving data to the Dash (EEPROM)

I need to store some data, in the event the device gets turned off before the data can be sent it will be stored until it can send again.

I noticed after the sketch was uploaded to the board, it had only used about 3% of the space.

Is it possible to use the remainder of the space as EEPROM?

I’m trying to avoid using an external sd card to store the data since it most likely won’t be a lot of data.

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Why doesn’t this question get answered by Hologram?

Hi Alan - There’s currently no EEPROM in the user space available on the Dash but it’s definitely something we’re exploring, what type of data would you be looking to store?
As an alternative, you can check out @uniquetrio2000’s sketch of an SD card attachment with the Dash to cache data

I only need to store about 10 bytes of so. rather than adding an SD card, if I’m going to add something, I’ll probably add a WInbond chip with the spiflash library. Are there any issues I should know about going forward? Thanks.

The SPI driver should handle a Winbond flash no problem.

It is possible to read/write the internal program flash, but we don’t currently have any code available to support that. You’d have to write code specific to the microcontroller.

For those interested, I went with an external Microchip 24FC256 EEPROM using an I2C bus, and the extEEPROM library. This approach to storing data is easier than working with flash by avoiding the requirement to clear pages in flash before writing.