U410 Nova and wvDial


Is anyone tried to use vwDialer to connect the U410 modem to the internet without using hologram-SDK or Hologram-toolkit?
If yes, it possible share the details for connection.

Thanks in advance.


Hi raz127,

I do not use the Hologram SDK or CLI. I am able to use Linux wvdial to connect to Verizon/ATT.



Thank you for your reply, Can you share with me the configuration process for that?


Hi, I’m not quite sure what you are asking. Do you have any experience using wvdial? Are you asking for the modem script to use, or are you asking how to use wvdial?



Yes, I want to know how to use wvdial.
Thank you.


Please read my most recent post. It explains in great detail exactly how to connect the NovaM to a cellular network without using any of the Hologram tools. However, I have stopped using wvdial and simply use pppd and a chat script.


I founded, Thank you!

I will try with my custom board and let you know .

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