Why are inbound SMS being echoed??

As of yesterday, inbound SMS messages are being echoed as outbound SMS messages.

  1. This occurs even if the target device is off-line.
  2. This occurs even if an SMS is sent via the Hologram Dashboard

If I disable the outbound route to SMS the echo stops, but then again my app won’t be able to send an outbound SMS when it’s on-line.

Any ideas what’s happening. I happen to be on T-Mobile for the moment.

This is a new feature we added. All device-terminated SMS is logged to data messages with the topic _SMS_DT_
If you have a rule that you only want to pick up outbound SMS, set your rule to look for the topic _SMS_DO_

For more info: API/Dashboard Updates

So I added another tag to my route: _SMS_DO_ with AND logic and now I get no response from my device?

What does your rule actually do? Is it actually receiving SMS or just any message coming from the device via our SDK?

My rule is used to send outbound SMS messages back from my device. Incoming SMS messages are directly received by my device’s modem and outbound messages are sent back via your SMS route.

Would you mind sending your device ID? I’ll take a look to see what’s going on

Link ID 349161

Thanks. Will get back very soon

Ah ok it looks like you’re sending messages using JSON to our socket API. Instead of _SMS_DO_ in the route, put _SOCKETAPI_ and do AND with that. I think that should fix it.

Yes, thanks!

Ok great. Let us know if you have any other questions about that

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