2014 Konekt tutorial

First off I confess to being a novice and in way over my head. I have gotten the Hologram nova to send beehive data from my raspberrry pi to the hologram cloud. Yippi!! Next I wish to send that data from the hologram cloud to a 2nd raspberry and store it in a text file. I found a 2014 hologram tutorial (https://hologram.io/route-iot-device-data-with-api-webhooks/) that looked like the perfect solution. When creating a webhook route to mywebsite.com/device.php I get a 403 error code returned. You can view this error message here : Any and all help would be greatly appreciated

The 403 would be coming back from your server. Could be that you’re not sending your authentication info correctly in the route. Make sure you have all the right headers set and everything.

I solved the problem though I don’t quite understand what it was. The 403 error was coming when I used the web address mywebsite.com and it was a CSRF cookie verification failure. I couldn’t correct that BUT when I changed the web address to the IP address (xxx.xxx.etc) I no longer got the error code. Mywebsite.com goes through GoDaddy and the error code must have been coming from them.

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