2G/3G Working But 4G LTE Isn't

Hey, I am trying to connect my two Hologram Nova 4G LTEs to my computer through Ubuntu 18.04, but no luck with either of them. I have successfully connected my 2Gs and 3Gs, but for some reason my 4Gs won’t work at all. All sims are activated and say they are ready to use. The APN is set to “hologram” and all my other settings are set to default.

Any idea why this is happening?

What country are you in? Are you getting any error messages? Can you send AT commands to the modem? if so run through https://help.hologram.io/en/articles/1944384-modem-sim-annotated-diagnostic-test and post the results.

I am in the US, and I got no error messages. I can’t run AT commands to the modem, but I did some further testing and found that the 4G LTE SIM works with a mobile hotspot, but not with the Hologram Nova on PC.

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