3/4G LTE Network with raspberry Pi 3b+


I am having an issue with getting the raspberry Pi to work over 4G network so the pi can go anywhere. I am recieved data from the SIM7600X-4G-HAT i’m using: eg GPS data. However, on the raspberry pi, i am not connected to the 3/4G network.

Please could someone get back to me ASAP?


I have started off by using Minicom to check communitcations and that all seems good (“sudo minicom -D /dev/ttyS0 -b 115200”) and the hologram dashboard shows that it is connected and has internet.

So then I changed the APN settings to “hologram” in the “/etc/ppp/peers/rnet” file. Then turned on the ppp connection by “sudo pon rnet” and this all works fine and shows ppp0 in “ifconfig”.

However, when I try and ping a connection, for instance “ping google.com”, I get the error “Temporary failure in name resolution”. I checked the “/etc/resolv.cong” and there are nameservers but I’m not sure if they are correct. Am going about this the wrong way or am I’m missing a key step?

Many Thanks

Hey, to close the loop from some PMs on this one: was asking if you’re able to ping anything by IP just to make sure it’s just DNS that’s not working