3G Arduino GSM shield problem


Not sure if this is a software problem, but I have an Arduino sketch that works fine with an ATT sim but not with the Hologram sim. Is there an added statement(s) that is needed in the sketch in order to make this work? The Hologram sim seems to connect to a network, but that’s all. I am also unable to get the demo sketch from Hologram to work. Anyone with ideas to share? Thanks very much. I am running a 3G GSM shield on the Arduino.

Maybe a silly question, but do I need to integrate a Dash module with an Arduino for anything to work? Running out of ideas. Thanks, Community.


Sorry for the delayed response. Not sure if you’ve found a solution by now. Here is a tutorial I did with Hologram and an Arduino GSM Shield: https://www.hackster.io/hologram/unicorn-finder-kid-tracker-for-techie-parents-335486#toc-arduino-uno---gsm-shield-2

I share the sketch and walkthrough setting everything up.