A connection error occurred sending data via webhook


Hi there,

We are trying to create a webhook to send our data to a 3rd party server, but unfortunately, we are getting an error.

This is the raw message we are getting:

"matched_rules":[{"ruleid":4791,"error":true,"result_data":"A connection error occurred sending data via webhook"},{"ruleid":4825,"error":false,"result_data":""}]

and these are the details for our custom webhook:

We tested the API on our side using Postman and it seems to work properly.

Can you help us?

thank you!


Can anyone help? We are still stuck on the API part.


I think that might be failing certificate verification since it’s self-signed. If you want to use https with the system you’ll need a totally valid certificate. You can try letsencrypt.org if you want a free one