A NodeJS alternative to the hologram cloud

I was just finishing a project using the Dash with NodeJS. I have the MKR GSM 1400 as I was told that would be a good replacement to use the hologram cloud and the ability to drive it from Serial TTL instead of USB.

I just don’t know where to start. I was hoping for a nodejs example and a library to call much like the Dash. I thought Ben wrote something but I can’t find it.

An example would be great as now I am a month behind schedule - and I put alot of time into the Dash which seemed perfect for my application.

I would love to use the Nova but if I understand correctly, I can’t use the serial TTL of the raspberry Pi. The enclosure won’t support a USB cable and connection. Also I may need to connect an outside antenna.

Is there plans to work up a nodejs demo for the MKR or is there some other 3rd Party hardware that will interface to the Raspberry PI using NodeJS vis the serial TTL?

@Mcrowley not sure what you mean by NodeJS support. Could you create a new topic and break down your specific request?

Both the Dash and MKR only support C++.


Will do… I will try to specify how I am using Nodejs with the Dash…

Not sure where to put this as a new Topic.
I am using the Raspberry PI coding in NodeJS and call the Dash via the serial port using the cloud commands such as “Cloud send msg topic”

So I guess what I’m looking for is the MKR program to load that would give me that functionality. I thought there was a library on the Arduino site that could be loaded ( not sure how) that would give that functionality.

R eally has nothing to do with programming the Dash or the MKR in NodeJS.

Moved it here for you.

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