About Hologram Sim card


I would like to know if the Hologram sim is available and can be used in India.
If it is available , then is it a 4G sim ?
I am working on a prototype and that would require a LTE Board and a sim card that can work / and get connected globally.
can someone help me in giving details as how to get Hologram sim card and whom to approach.(any relavent links or contact numbers in India)
Towards LTE Board , i am thinking to go with Particle E series or with Boron or Adafruit fona and insert Hologram sim to get connected to network and keep going.
Any suggestions around LTE Board that best suits Hologram sim, please let me know.


The short answer is yes

We don’t have any sales numbers in India but you can buy SIMs from our store

If you need additional support you can always email support@hologram.io

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