Activation email flow / feedback

My first hologram sim card is on the way. I AM SO EXCITED thanks!

The hyperlink in the registration email (for me at least) is plain text so not clickable, and the expiration window for that link must be something like 12 hours.

I signed up (but did not activate) one afternoon and then tried to activate the next morning but the link was already expired.

So, this is probably all already on your radar, I realize:

  1. HTML emails / clickable links for registration process
  2. Longer “window” for account email verification links
  3. Maybe some kind of email verification “nag” on the account panel

Hi, thanks for the feedback.
That registration email is sent as plain text so it’s basically up the email client if it wants to make it a link. Which service are you using?
That being said, we are hoping to get some fancier emails out in a few months which would address that.

We also have a little thing that’s supposed to pop up and bug you to verify, but I guess that wasn’t working. We’ll make sure to look at that and get it fixed soon.
When you went to the expired link, you should have gotten an option to send a new code. Did that happen?

This was gmail web client. Maybe plain text would work OK with more line breaks around the link or something. The forum software confirmation email was plain text but the link got detected.

Really awesome work though and I’m excited for the SIM to get here. Hoping starting this convo will encourage me to keep projects out of the drawer and make something cool with hologram. Thanks.

This is the landing page for that link, so no resend button.