Add tool to grab bytes sent through service


I am trying to debug why messages from one of my devices are not arriving. The API shows that messages are being received, but for one particular device nothing is arriving. I have my server dumping any incoming messages and I am not seeing anything at all from this one device. The other same type of devices are working fine.

It would be helpful if the sent bytes could be viewed in even raw form to try and diagnose the cause.



Are you talking about data messages or SMS?

Actually rereading this, it sounds like you’re talking about sending a data message from a device. Can you provide more details on the type of device, how you’re sending the messages, etc?

Thanks for the response. I am sending data from my custom hardware units through your infrastructure to my back end server. I can see that the message makes it to the hologram infrastructure, but from there I get no notifications on my server. This happens for only one device amongst several that are all the same so it is unexpected.

The message is being sent via a UDP connection from a BG96 module. I could understand some messages failing occasionally, but not all the time when it is seen at the hologram intermediary.

I physically disabled one of the devices in my dashboard list from sending and noticed that the next item in the list no longer has its messages reach the endpoint even though they are marked as received at hologram. All of the messages from the single device fail to reach the endpoint. I am thinking there is some sort of bug in your infrastructure. The device for which messages are not being delivered is 166576.

So to make sure I understand, you’re sending messages to our cloud and you have a route setup to hit your server via webhook? Are you using our SDK to send the messages or your own code? Is this via 3G or Cat-M?
We don’t support UDP on our cloud so I’m a little confused what you’re trying to do.

Hi Reuben,

For clarification we are not trying to do anything new. Our hardware and server have been running for months. What we have is failing for a single device. Our custom device sends a COAP message over a 2G connection (UDP message) to the hologram provider and that message is then forwarded via the webhook to our backend server. The other devices we have running are working fine with their content delivered. The problem is that all of the messages from the one device are not making it past the hologram infrastructure. They show up in the dashboard but do not make it to the server specified via the web hook.

Let me know if further clarification is required.



Hmm so like I said, our cloud doesn’t support COAP or UDP so it sounds like you are probably hitting some other service via our cellular link. Can you double check that?

Also when you say the other messages are showing up in the dashboard is that in the message bar at the bottom or are you just seeing the bytes reflected in your data usage?

We very much send a UDP message over a 2G GPRS TCP/IP context using the “hologram” provider. Where we are located, we have no LTE support as of yet from hologram. We have a webhook on hologram that forwards to our server.

The only indicator I receive is the bytes reflected in the data usage.

Are you able to look into our account for details?

Ok so that’s what I mean, you are using our cellular network but not our cloud infrastructure (Data Engine). That makes sense.

All I can see on our end is that the device is able to establish a cellular connection and is transferring bytes so you may want to reach out to your COAP provider and see if they are seeing the packets coming through or if there is potentially an issue on their end. Is it possible for them to run a packet trace on their server?

The receiving COAP server is on our server and it is set up with full debug logging. It is simply getting nothing from your network for the one particular device. Are you able to look at what hits your network and is forwarded by your webhook?

You aren’t using our webhooks since you’re going directly to your server. We can’t see the actual packets being sent, only session level information. Is your device able to ping any other servers?
If you reach out to our support team at they might be able to provide a little more information or open a ticket with the local carrier if it sounds like this is a network issue on their end.

Not understanding how we are bypassing the web hook based on previous integration efforts, but okay. I will follow up with the support team.



Maybe just some confusion here on terminology or something, but the webhooks I am referring to are the ones you setup in the Routes section on the dashboard and then use via our Data Engine. From what I can see looking at your account, you’re not using that feature.

We also support webhooks in the other direction to send message to a device but I don’t see any of those setup for that device either.

But yeah, support team should be able to provide more information there.

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