Advanced Webhook Builder - Dash - JSON data format

I am trying to route custom payloads (JSON formatted) from my Hologram dash hardware to a URL.

I have this working with the custom webhook builder, but this sends extra data to the URL in the header and data fields. From reading the Hologram documentation the advanced webhook builder is more customizable and I could use it to only send the important data to the end point. How do I go about setting up the route to get my JSON keys/values to that end point. Note that the key/value for each field is dynamic and is sent to the hologram server using the HologramCloud.sendMessage(JSON_DATA) command in my firmware.


IMHO Advanced Webhook Builder is better :slight_smile:

Sending JSON should be as simple as setting a header to Content-Type: application/json then passing <<decdata>> to the payload field.

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