All ready to start but Documentation has me dizzy

I’ve tried to read the ‘Documentation’ but without examples I’m lost:

  1. GPRS device gets connected
  2. GPRS device sends data with a key:value like TOPIC:Temperature TEMP:101
  3. Router sees the TOPIC:Temperature and matches it to an action that sends a HTTP POST to my internet based server as in : catch.php parses the POST data into the servers database.
    All this without JSON and then an example with JSON.
    The ADVANCED WEBHOOK BUILDER talks about templates, what templates? Where are they? The CUSTOM WEBHOOK URL tells me it is depreciated yet the ‘PAYLOAD’ is discussed there…
    Just simple examples using AT commands then expand the complexity.

Hi @KevinA - Thanks for reaching out, to help find examples that would be most applicable to what you’re building can you describe a bit more about your hardware and development setup? Are you using a microcontroller to script AT commands directly for connection and sending data messages as per steps #1 and #2? May not have a single example that has your specific use case but can work to find different projects you can take inspiration from.


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