alternative to Dash with same data consumption


firstly I want to say that I am a beginner in the field and that I am not familiar with the terms used. I managed a year ago to use the latest version of the Dash to make a data capture station. The Dash woke up every hour retrieved data from an ultrasonic sensor, voltage etc. (about 40 bytes) and sent them to hologram and thingspeak. Each time it cost about 1kb which was interesting. the autonomy on battery was also excellent: about 2 months with a battery 3.7v 2000mah. I am now trying to reproduce this concept economically on a different basis than the Dash.
-I am in Canada and I am looking for a viable long-term solution such as cat-M1.
-A development board with some input-output having a deep sleep mode otherwise I’ll use: Adafruit TPL5110 Low Power Timer Breakout.
-Data consumption of about 1kb + -20% for each connection (modem down for an hour, so handshake every time).
-Stable board running without fail or the need to reset (maybe the low power timer could overcome this possible issue)
What are my options? what is the advantage of using a Nova modem compared to a modem already integrated in a board of another company? Tell me the data usage of the board you suggest and a part of the code to achieve this. This is complicated to figure out the way to go for diyer, I need some light.

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