Altitude Tech 3g hat on REpi 3b

Finally got this hat set up and connecting to the 3g network on the Rpi using sakis3g and the hologram sim.
Then whilst working through setting up the alert system on Influxdb/kapacitor, hologram paused the sim due to 7.98MB usage.
No idea why or where 7.98MB usage came from as no data has been sent or received by me, only a few test messages both ways, none of which were received.
How are we supposed to set up a service if you arbitrarily shut the bloody card down?
Guess me and hologram are not going to get along.

What tutorial or guide did you follow to setup the hat?

I am not sure this is what happened to you but many products for hte RPi (such as Hologram’s Nova) setup a PPP connection and a network interface that to the OS looks like Wifi / ethernet / etc. This means background tasks will try to use the connection to the internet to download updates / etc.

Something to check on atleast. Note you can increase the threshold where Hologram disables the simcard but you will be charged for all data used, so in some ways this is done to protect you from a surprise high bill.

Personally I suggest controlling the modem via AT commands, its much more invovled but gives you control over the exact setup and every bit of data consumed.

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