Analog pins 7 and up not available in 0.7.2 UPDATED [SOLVED]

HI, @Konekt, thanks for the update to the analog pin enumeration with IDE 0.7.2. I can now use analog pin callout “A3” instead of “A03.” However, it looks like analog pins 7 and up are no longer available. I’m unable to use pin 8 (Dash pin location R15) under 0.7.2; it had been working swell as “A08” under 0.7.1. Maybe because legacy Arduino only had 6 to begin with? Thanks!

UPDATE 3/21/16: Odd behavior, at least on on Pin 1 (Dash Pin 6, Right Side). Reading an analog pin appears to only be possible by calling this pin as “A01” as before. Using “A1” seems to show odd readings, and “1” shown no reading at all. I’m sticking with the Dash IDE 0.7.1 nomenclature for now (“A01”). All 3 versions of the pin number compile fine, but only one works correctly.


Glad you’ve been able to try version 0.7.2. We’ve only mapped A0-A6 to correspond with the Shield Shield. Our design doesn’t always line up with classic Arduino 1-1, so for some items we need to make adjustments.

If you use the pin diagram in the Dash Manual, any of those definitions should work. The mapping of the classic analog Arduino pins to our analog pins is as follows:

A# A0# Dash Digital Integer
A0 A01 R06  D04     16
A1 A02 R09  D07     18
A2 A05 L09  D15      5
A3 A06 L13  D19     19
A4 A03 L03  D09     14
A5 A04 L04  D10     15
A6 A08 L14  ---     20
-- A07 L18  ---     35 (Dash Only)
-- A09 R18  ---     36 (Dash Only)

You can use any symbol in a row interchangeably, as they all map to the Integer value.

Sorry for the confusion. The mapping between A# and A0# is strange because the main goal for the A# and Integer pin numbers was to align with the Shield Shield.

Thanks, Erik! Very helpful information – and very smart design. It’s back to my days of Terminal disk enumeration. :smirk: Head scratching on my end now explained and terminated.

Thanks for the update but can I get a clarification, does the Dash support analog pins above 7?

Unfortunately A07 and A09 don’t work in release 0.7.2. That fix has been made and will be in the next Arduino release. I’m finishing the last issue blocking the release right now, so should be very soon.

Pins A07 and A09 are supported in Release 0.9.0.

Hi, just clarifying. I can use those integer values in the code for an analog read? For example, i can say analogRead(18); and that reads A02? I don’t see this in the documentation @ so just making sure I understand.