AnalogRead(A09) Hangs


Using 0.7.2, I experienced a problem with analogRead and A09.
I went line by line in a sample application to confirm that my application hangs when it executes the following line:

I rolled back to 0.7.1 and now the code is working as expected. Has anyone else hit a similar issue?


Have a look at this thread:

My experience has been that any analog pin numbered greater than A6 is dicey. My guess is that it is likely related to standard Arduino pins only going to “6.”

For these early Dash days, I’m trying to use pins 6 and lower only.


Thanks. The original post wasn’t clear as it made it sound like the mappings would still work and his original problem had to do with different MACRO names.

Not really impressed so far with the APIs… Hoping it gets better.